Make Your Mark on Orchard's New Natural Playgrounds!

One very exciting component of the facilities plan was the development of three new state-of-the-art natural playgrounds.

At Orchard, outdoor education has been at the heart of our school since its inception nearly 100 years ago. With your help, we will continue to reinforce our guiding commitment, "nature as teacher," with these natural playgrounds and outdoor learning spaces. We could have never imagined that we would need nature as much as we do right now. In our current climate, children need even more space to explore, learn and grow in the fresh air. That is just what Orchard students are doing this fall. Thanks to the new natural playgrounds, students will have an incredibly unique experience of being fully immersed in outdoor education, play, and exploration while also practicing social distance measures. They will be healthy, happy, and engaged as they explore all of the new elements provided by the playgrounds.

Orchard alumni often credit their time playing and learning in the woods as one of their fondest memories of school. No doubt, the next generation of Orchard students will be making memories of a lifetime as they explore the new natural playgrounds throughout the 43-acre wooded campus.

Click here to make your mark on Orchard's natural playgrounds

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