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Meet the Genetos Family

What makes Orchard special to your family?

Both of our children, now 37 and 33, attended Orchard from preschool through eighth grade. Our children became self-assured, independent lifetime learners from the positive, interactive, experiential learning environment that fit their personalities. Further, many of our closest family friendships began with other parents of Orchard students.

How would your life, or your children's lives, be different without Orchard?

We would not have the many close friendships with the other parents who love Orchard and gave so much time, effort, and money to sustain it. Watching our children become adults, we see many of the principles of an Orchard education continue with them in their careers. They approach their work like a Mrs. Najjar problem waiting to be solved.

What inspired you to make this gift to the capital campaign?

The capital campaign gave us the opportunity to sustain the magic that is Orchard by giving to and growing the Endowment. We have been privileged to be a part of the first century of Orchard's history. The Endowment allows Orchard to continue to prosper in its second century. The campaign allows us to create a culture of philanthropy amongst alums, current and former parents, and students that will continue for generations.

How do you hope your contribution will impact future generations of Orchard students?

By promoting the opportunities for families in need to attend this great school and to sustain the opportunities for middle income families to afford to attend Orchard for years to come.

Do you have a favorite Orchard tradition?

Clearly, the Holiday Pageant as far as school activities is one favorite. I still tear up when I hear the 12 days of Christmas. An Orchard in Bloom, because so many great friendships were born from the volunteer experiences, will always be a favorite for us.

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