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Orchard Donors Make a Difference: Meet the Borel Family

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Meet the Borel family… 

What makes Orchard special to your family?

Orchard is special to each of us.

Anthony - Teachers at Orchard pay special attention to the education of our child, drawing attention to her strengths and working with her on areas of development.

Natasha - The kindness of the teachers, the help through hard times, and that the teachers work with and pay attention to each student regardless of class size.

Dawn - For me it's the daily warmth, care and concern shown by members of the Orchard community. That's what makes The Orchard School a truly special place.

How would life be different without Orchard?

Natasha - I probably wouldn't know as much about the outdoors and I wouldn't have had as many different experiences. I probably wouldn't have gotten into writing and I might not have known how important reading was.

Dawn - Without Orchard, we might not have met the many wonderful people we now count as friends.

Anthony - I’m not sure how to answer this question, except to say that Orchard provides an environment of belonging for Natasha and a safe space to express herself.

What inspired you to make a gift to the capital campaign?  

This is a way to provide an opportunity for others to have access to a quality education and to support our wonderful faculty!

How do you hope your contribution will impact future generations of Orchard students?

Hopefully, it will assist in assuring the continuance of Progressive education at the Orchard School.

Do you have a favorite Orchard tradition?

Natasha - My favorite tradition would be Middle School class trips! 

Anthony - The Gnawbone trips as well as the Spring & Winter pageants.

Dawn - My favorite traditions are the grade-level highlights such as the first-grade talent show, the angels at Winter Pageant, and the Maypole dance during Spring Pageant. 

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