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Orchard Donors Make a Difference: Meet the Edwards Family

This spotlight series provides an opportunity to meet generous donors to Orchard’s Capital Campaign.

This campaign, that recently went public, will lay the foundation for Orchard's next 100 years of Progressive education by providing for our faculty, staff, students, and facilities. 

Click here to join us in celebrating our roots and cultivating for the future.

Meet the Edwards family…

What makes Orchard such a special place for your family?

We’ve always known Orchard to be a special place, but it was only in stepping away and leaving Orchard for a few years due to an overseas assignment that we learned to truly appreciate the unique and amazing community that it is.  Orchard is special to our family because it isn't just a school, it represents tradition and a collective community of unique and diverse individuals who have touched our hearts in many ways. Orchard promotes learning and growth in a hands-on and inclusive environment. It is intertwined in so many aspects of our lives and has become part of what defines our family’s identity.

How would your life family be different without Orchard?

Orchard has given our family so much; wonderful friends, opportunities to grow and learn academically, socially and emotionally as individuals and as a family, and the chance to volunteer and be involved in our children’s education. Our children have the confidence to respectfully stand up for what they believe. They’re curious and have the desire to be lifelong learners with a sense of belonging and pride. Our family is happier and our lives are richer because of our connection to Orchard!

What inspired you to make this gift to the capital campaign?

We choose to donate our time and financial resources to Orchard in order to ensure the community, legacy and traditions we have been so fortunate to experience continue to strengthen and grow and can be made available to all who desire to be an active and positive member of the Orchard community.  

How do you hope your contribution will impact future generations of Orchard students?

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but the grass is greener where you water it and we hope that our contributions combined with those of the many others who so generously support Orchard will help sustain and grow Orchard well into the future.

What’s your favorite Orchard tradition?

We hope the traditions we love so dearly like singing the Twelve Days of Christmas at Winter Pageant and tapping the maple trees and celebrating the arrival of spring with pancakes and maple syrup will also touch the lives of others and that, as the years go by, new traditions will be added to these as a result of the diverse and amazing community that is Orchard.  

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